Thinkdiag coding Mercedes IC change Mercedes E300 2017 digital Cluster


Used Thinkcar Thinkdiag to change Mercedes W213 Instrument Cluster Temperature from F (Fahrenheit) to C(Celsius), coding Mercedes Benz IC change Mercedes E300 2017 digital Cluster.



Download and install ThinkDiag software on your phone (supports IOS and Android);

Register a member and login;

Active the serial number of machine;

Download the download the car brand software (Mercedes) in advanced.

And all of the job will be done about 2 minutes. Watch this video guide:

Thinkdiag change Mercedes W213 Instrument Cluster Temperature from F to C:

Select “Car All System Diagnostic” to start coding.

Thinkdiag-coding-Mercedes-IC-change-Mercedes-E300-2017-digital-Cluster-1 (2)

Connect Bluetooth.

Click on “VIN Decoding” to read the car model.

Make: Mercedes / Maybach

Model: E-Class

Year: 2017

Now is reading Mileage from ECU, please wait…

VIN code will be read out.

Thinkdiag-coding-Mercedes-IC-change-Mercedes-E300-2017-digital-Cluster-2 (2)

Select “System Selection”.

Thinkdiag-coding-Mercedes-IC-change-Mercedes-E300-2017-digital-Cluster-3 (2)

Scroll down to select “IC – Instrument Cluster”.

Please turn on ignition;

The data are being loaded.

The coding is being read.

Thinkdiag-coding-Mercedes-IC-change-Mercedes-E300-2017-digital-Cluster-4 (2)

Select “Variant Coding” to edit the required settings and explore all the Functions.

Thinkdiag-coding-Mercedes-IC-change-Mercedes-E300-2017-digital-Cluster-6 (2)

You will find it under “Country _Coding”, select it then select variant under 001 to change the Degree from F to C.

Thinkdiag-coding-Mercedes-IC-change-Mercedes-E300-2017-digital-Cluster-5 (2)
Thinkdiag-coding-Mercedes-IC-change-Mercedes-E300-2017-digital-Cluster-7 (2)

Press on “Write Coding” and confirm the coding to be transferred to the control unit , it will ask you to turn off the ignition, the press ok, then turn the ignition on ( 2 presses) and press OK.

Go back to IC menu using the back button on the top left, select “Setting/Changeover”, then select “Display Unit Personalization”. Change the Temperature to C and write the code again.

Thinkdiag-coding-Mercedes-IC-change-Mercedes-E300-2017-digital-Cluster-8 (2)
Thinkdiag-coding-Mercedes-IC-change-Mercedes-E300-2017-digital-Cluster-9 (2)
Thinkdiag-coding-Mercedes-IC-change-Mercedes-E300-2017-digital-Cluster-10 (2)
Thinkdiag-coding-Mercedes-IC-change-Mercedes-E300-2017-digital-Cluster-11 (2)
Thinkdiag-coding-Mercedes-IC-change-Mercedes-E300-2017-digital-Cluster-12 (2)

Thinkcar Thinkdiag is done a good job.

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