Free Download and Install JLR Mangoose SDD V160 on Windows 10

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-0 (2)

Newest version SDD V160 has been verified working with JLR Mangoose interface perfectly on Windows 10 system. provides JLR SDD software and patch download for free.

Software version: SDD V160

Language: Chinese, Dutch, French, English, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 10

Compatible interface: JLR mangoose cable (SP116), JLR Mangoose Pro cable

Free Download JLR SDD V160

(Download SDD  160_FULL only)

Free Download JLR SDD V160 Patch!zBpSFarJ!phCGoR3RGYqOHYQa9kVBIw

Free Download mangoose pro JLR driver

JLR SDD 160 Installation Guide:

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-0 (2)

Tested on Windows 10 64bit

Step 1: Install SDD 160 Setup

Create a new SDD 160 folder on desktop
Copy and paste all files from software CD or download links to SDD 160 folder

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-1 (2)
Run SDD 160.00_FULL setup

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-2 (2)
Select setup Language

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-3 (2)
Press Next to install SDD setup
Accept license agreement and firewall compatibility

Choose destination folder C:/Program Files (x86)/JLR

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-4 (2)
Select All Language to install

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-5 (2)
Press Install

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-6 (2) installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-7 (2)
Install JLRMeasureApplication until succeeded

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-8 (2)
Complete installing HV Safety Installer

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-9 (2)

Install MOXA UPort setup

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-10 (2)
Choose destination folder C:/Program Files/Moxa/USBDriver

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-11 (2)
Press Install until finished
SDD is configuration new software installation

SDD V160 setup installed completed
Restart computer now.

Step 2: Install JLR Driver

Open JLR Driver folder

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-12 (2)
Install J2534 MangoosePro driver for 64bit system
Accept license agreement
Press Next

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-13 (2)
Click Install

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-14 (2)
Finish Install J2534 jlr mangosoe Pro JLR driver

Step 3: Install SDD Patch

Extract JLR SDD Patch folder to SDD 160 folder
Install JLR SDD-2020 patch

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-15 (2)
Select Offline version to install
Open SDD notepad on patch folder

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-16 (2)

SDD notepad contains login user name and password

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-17 (2)

Run JLR SDD software on desktop
SDD will require to enter user name and password

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-18 (2)
Copy and paste user name and password from SDD notepad
Press Identify
User authentication successful

Go to Settings to select software language and save

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-19 (2)

Quit software.

Step 4: Connect mangoose cable and run software

Connect mangoose or pro cable with computer

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-20 (2)
Go to Device Manger to check interface is well connected
Run JLR SDD software

SDD will tell you MangoosePro JLR is connected

Read VIN

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-21 (2)

Start diagnosis

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-22 (2)

installl-jlr-sdd-v160-on-win10-23 (2)

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