How to solve mb sdc4 configAssist cannot open

mb-sdc4-configassist-unable-to-access-service-01 (2)

One user of mb sdc4 tried to activate Xentry and need to open “configAssist”, got problem with it ” unable to access service…” So he was unable to go through as the PDF guide on desk, to activate.

mb-sdc4-configassist-unable-to-access-service-01 (2) chief engineer solution:

Enter into “Device Manager” to find “Service” then “configAssist “, then click on “Start” and “Ok”. The problem will be solved.

mb-sdc4-configassist-unable-to-access-service-02 (2)

mb-sdc4-configassist-unable-to-access-service-03 (2)

Good luck!

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