2008 VW Mileage Programming by OBDSTAR ODO Master

2008-VW-Mileage-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-10 (2)

Here is a instruction on how to useĀ OBDSTAR Odo Master to correct the mileage for VW 2008 odometer.

Note:In this test repart,it is perform on bench,and you can connect to your vehicle by OBD port directly.


Enter menu to select “VW”

2008-VW-Mileage-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-12008-VW-Mileage-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-1 (2)

Select “VW V31.99″

2008-VW-Mileage-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-2 (2)

Initizlizing,please wait

2008-VW-Mileage-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-3 (2)

Select from vehicle

2008-VW-Mileage-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-4 (2)

Select “Passat”

2008-VW-Mileage-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-5 (2)

Select “VDO K Line”

2008-VW-Mileage-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-6 (2)

Reading mileage…

2008-VW-Mileage-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-7 (2)

Now it will show the current mileage:250000 km

2008-VW-Mileage-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-8 (2)

Then input new mileage value:230000

2008-VW-Mileage-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-9 (2)

Now finish,it will show you the new value

2008-VW-Mileage-Programming-by-OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-10 (2)


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