Mercedes HU5 Ethernet DOIP Programming by DTS Monaco

Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-1 (2)

How-to: export Mercedes Benz HU5 control module data from Xentry and import to DTS Monaco to perform Ethernet DOIP programming successfully.

Connect Vxdiag Benz C6:

Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-1 (2)

Open DTS Monaco – VXDIAG, click on “Diagnostic Services” and it has no HU5 Ethernet option and can’t program DOIP, click on “File” and then “Close” to exist DTS to import the data.

Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-2 (2)

Click on “Administrate and manage DTS projects”.

Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-3 (2)

Enter “System Configurator” – > “System settings” -> “Interfaces”, check if the options are correct as below.

Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-4 (2)

Right click on “Xentry Diagnosis” – “Open file location” -> “Xentry” -> “Kontexte” -> “ODXProjekte” – >PKW_COMMON” -> “DBR”. This is the location of HU5 control module data.

Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-5 (2)

Choose the HU5 control module data to copy, then paste them into “205 DTS DOIP” folder.

Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-6 (2)
Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-7 (2)

Open “Temporary workspace”, choose HU5 control module data.

Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-8 (2)
Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-9 (2)

Enable DOIP switch.

Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-10 (2)

Choose “HU5 Ethernet” to check the software NO and to choose the programming files.

Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-11 (2)

Click on “Flashing programming”, then “HU5 (UDS_Ethernet)”, then “205 DTS DOIP”, then choose the 3 files to open.

Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-12 (2)
Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-13 (2)

Click on “Diagnostic Services”, then “Read ID” to confirm the software NO again.

Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-14 (2)
Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-15 (2)

Click on “Flash Programming” , then “Run” one by one.

Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-16 (2)
Mercedes-HU5-Ethernet-DOIP-Programming-by-DTS-Monaco-17 (2)

Job is done.

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