Benz 204 LED Lights Turn on with Daylights Activated by DTS Monaco


This post show you the guide on how to use DTS Monaco to activate LED lights turn on with daylights for Mercedes Benz W204.More DTS Monaco please check it here:DTS Monaco projects.

Note:Try this project at your own risk!!!


Benz DTS Monaco Software Free Download

How to Install Mercedes Benz DTS Monaco Software


With this coding both LED lights are turned on with daylights

Now your C is active without rear lights



SAMF_204(pre facelift)

Before coding:DJ-Securityaccess needed

After coding:DL_EEPROM_SCHREIBEN FN_Hardreset

Domain/Domane:Parameter Tagfahrlicht

TFL-AVL parameter should be “Ja/yes”

Change PLSM_TFL_POS from not to yes

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