Xentry diagnosis VCI BENZ C6 DOIP Diagnostic Tool Reviews


One of our customers asked us some questions about
V2020.03 Mercedes Benz Xentry diagnosis VCI BENZ C6 DOIP Multiplexer Diagnostic Tool Plus Lenovo T410 Laptop

Question 1:
Does it support DAS?

MB star C6 VCI DOIP Pass thur interface Compatible Software: VXDIAG For XENTRY/Das Software

Question 2:
Even if I buy it with the laptop and it being already installed, can I reinstall it on my other laptop


If you purchase a laptop, our engineer will install and activation the software for you before ship out the package to you. The tool is ready to use when reach to you. If you reinstall the HDD to another laptop, all of the software need to activation again. Our engineer can support you via teamviewer, but it will cost times to do the work. As you know, we have time different.

Question 3:
Does it support all latest passenger vehicles?

Mb star C6 support DoIP for new models.
When do you need DoIP device?
When test new Benz car such as W222 W205

In Audio\Comand section you can find DoIP test page.
If cable is DoIP you will see green mark that DEVICE is Ok.
Xentry will prompt you that other device must carry yellow marks.

Question 4:
Does it also support Van?

Mb star C6 support Van, it can support Mercede For Benz & Smart vehicles.

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