Perkins EST Interface 2015A Perkins EST Diagnostic Adapter Buying Guide


Perkins EST Interface is Perkins EST Diagnostic Adapter, work with Perkins SPI2 2018A software &2015A Perkins EST diagnostic software. Perkins EST Interface outlook the same as Cat ET III. Perkins EST Interface Communicate only for Perkins truck diagnosis till 2015 or support Caterpillar diagnostic as well? Below share Perkins EST Diagnostic Adapter Buying Guide as follows.

What does Perkins EST Interface include in the package?


Perkins EST Interface 2015A Perkins EST Diagnostic Adapter Buying Guide
1pc X Perkins EST interface
1pc X 6pin and 9 pin cable
1pc X 25 pin cable
1pc X USB cable
1pc X Perkins EST software 2015A CD

Perkins EST Interface application:
Perkins EST Interface can use to communicate with Perkins 2300/2800 electronic engines (FG Wilson 300 750 KVA range) and FG Wilson Powerwizard control panels.

This Perkins EST diagnostic adapter communication is established via a J1939 data link. All in all, the EST interface kit provides the user with an effective tool in diagnosing engine problems and the ability to configure system parameters.

What’s The Perkins EST Software Operating System?
Perkins EST Software Version: V2015A ( it works with Perkins SPI2 2018A software)
Perkins EST Support Languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Danish
Perkins EST Software OS requires: Windows 2000 or XP (Please keep in mind that EST is fairly demanding on the CPU; hence, the slower the processor, the slower the program will run.)
Kindly Note: The package CD software version is V2015A, if you need 2018A Perkins SPI2 software, please click here
Perkins EST Interface Support Perkins SPI2 2018A Software, Perkins EST Interface come with 2015A Perkins EST software in the CD support Perkins engine till 2015.

Does The Heavy Duty Scanner Perkins EST Interface Connect Bluetooth?
No, Perkins EST Connection ONLY By USB or Wifi (Please choose the one you like when order)

Any installation Guide for Perkins EST Diagnostic Software Supplier offer?
Yes, can check it on the product description here>>Perkins EST Interface

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