How to Repair Audi A6 Idle Speed Exceeds Limit After Throttle Cleaned


This mini post share by one of my blog reader JK.His customer asked he to clean the throttle,then found this problem.So here I put the solution to solve Audi A6 idle speed exceeds limit after throttle cleaned.


Symptom: The idle speed of Audi A6 reaches 1200RPM after the throttle is cleaned. Cause is found out by Launch X431 that idle speed setting exceeds limit.


1.Connect X431.

2.Turn on the ignition switch.

3.Click Volkswagen icon and select Audi A6 ordinary mode. Then enter the engine electronic system to erase the fault code (it can be erased).

4.Select the function of “Adaptation” and enter “000” as channel No. Click [OK]. X431 will display the message about successful clearance of adaptation.

5.Select the function of “Basic Setting” and enter “001” as channel No. Click [OK]. The engine speed will be slowed down to about 800 RPM immediately. Then the vehicle is normal.

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