How to update MB SD Connect C4 C5


This post comes with the introduction to update MB SD Connect Compact 5 /MB SD C4/ SD C4 PLUS.

Step 1: Change file name

There are two storage path for MB SD Connect Compact 4/ new SD C4 plus/ SD C5.

Path 1: C:\Program Files\Mercedes-Benz\SDConnect Toolkit

Path 2: C:\Program Files\Softing\Diagnostic Tool Set 8\8.03\Interfaces\DCDI_DPduApi\eCOM_Toolkit

Please modify the file name of “update_automaticx”, “update_manualx” and “update_specicalx” to “update_automatic”, “update_manual” and “update_specical”, it means remove the last letter of all the three file names.





Restart PC when finish modifying


1.You need to put 6 AA batteries into MB SD C4 (Item No.SP-100D)  and SD C5 (Item No.SP255 ), but you don’t have to install batteries for DOIP MB SD C4 PLUS (Item No. SP100-E) firmware update.

2.Make sure OBD main cable connect to car or 12v power supply

Step 2: Update software

Right click at the right corner and select “Administration”-> “Software update”


Mainly update the following three files in order:

“” -> “”-> “”


That’s all!

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