How to code an BMW E38 740i cluster swap with NCS & VVDIprog R270 etc

Offer advice on how to code cluster swap in an BMW E38 740i with NCS & extra programmer (VVDI prog, R270, BeeProg, TNM5000, X-prog and many other..)

BMW E38 740i has a used gauge cluster out of an e53 x5

The E53 gauge cluster is an M cluster.

Problem: There is currently a red dot but just wanna code it to have all the functionality.

How to do?

E38 , E53 no chance to program.

You must change VIN and mileage to your car’s with Programmer, connect to car, read ZCS from EWS and code Your new cluster. That’s all.

So, which programmers are able to read chips from IKE/Kombi?

It’s eeprom depend , 93S56 , M35080 . For example : VVDIprog , R270, BeeProg ,TNM5000 , X-prog and many other..

What about to do like this?

Connect NCSExpert, read car data(vin and zcs) for normal coding from EWS
Than choose IKE/Kombi and use option “ZCS_Schreiben”
Next read car data again, but read it from kombi/IKE.
You got vin from Kombi, and ZCS from car. You can code IKE to car, and use NCS Dummy to IKE/Kombi

The result is : And at the end You will have still red dot because VIN and mileage difference between IKE and LCM….
With NCS you may write VIN but only for IKE wchich have empty VIN ( FFFFFF ) like new one , in used IKE softwre block change VIN , so first prepare IKE with external programmer

For example:

Cluster e53 probably has m35080. In this case you can change vin via BMW Scanner 1.36 or 1.4.
Also you can code cluster with original e38 zcs and e53’s vin – everything works fine, but there will be a red dot.

There is also someone done successfully: Done couple cluster swaps in e39’s with BMW Scanner, all have worked and no tamper dots. First changed vin in ike and set km to 0 and then coded ike from lcm.

Good Luck!

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