2016 Audi MQB NEC35xx Add Keys VVDI2 Done!

Success! VVDI2 VAG is able to add a new MQB key to Audi 2016. With MQB authorization enabled!

Purpose: Add a new key

Vehicle: Audi 2016

Instrument: H02 6423

Instrument type: MQB NEC35xx

Hardware: Xhorse VVDI2

Software version: VVDI2 VAG 6.5.1

MQB authorization:

Free authorization for those with vvdi2 full kit

The test:

vvdi2-audi-mqb-1 vvdi2-audi-mqb-2


vvdi2-audi-mqb-5 vvdi2-audi-mqb-6 vvdi2-audi-mqb-7 vvdi2-audi-mqb-8 vvdi2-audi-mqb-9
Result: Reset instrument – success!


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