Autel Maxisys MS906BT Reviews

1. Super Capable Diagnostics and Very Ruggedly Built

I did a lot of research on high end scanners/code readers/diagnostic computers before actually settling on this make/model for the shop. Glad I did. This unit does everything any auto service shop could ask for (except tire pressure sensor replacement). Super easy to use as most functions are intuitive. I have two mechanics that work for me and we get some really problematic vehicles that have proven very hard to diagnose the problem (sometimes intermittent). With some smart use of this tool, it locates the problem quickly and more importantly, you have complete confidence that you have corrected the issue using the data logging capability. The blue tooth connected OBDII interface is absolutely super. Being able to walk around the car/shop while connected to the car, or just sit in the passenger seat watching live data during a test drive is awesome.
I know I made the right selection when the mechanics compete over who gets to use this tool vs the other computer. May have to buy another one of these to keep these guys happy. One last thing is that this thing seems pretty tough. It has fallen off of the car onto the floor at least twice that I’ve witnessed and it hasn’t skipped a beat. If you’re buying this for a business, rugged toughness is a big reason to buy whatever you select.

2.A worth while purchase

I  have used the scanner for only a short time but I find it easy to use, and a scanner with many options to include many bidirectional controls. The automatic updates (for a year) will keep my tool current for modern cars.

3. Excellent scan tool for the BIG BOYS

This unit works great. The battery life and specs are incredible. It saves me tons of diagnostic time, I tried the 905mini but, the battery life was just not where I needed it to be. This is the best scan tool I’ve ever worked with. The seller ODBPRICE had the best price on this tool I could find.

4. The AUTEL MaxiSYS MS906BT is a POWERFUL tool and was a nice upgrade to my outdated SnapOn Solus Pro

The tool came as described. The seller even contacted me to make sure I had a smooth transaction. I have not had any problems and everything is working perfectly so far. The MS906BT is a POWERFUL tool and was a nice upgrade to my outdated SnapOn Solus Pro.

5. Better then the Honda HDS

Great product and great seller. Good communication. I use this product daily and it never lets me down. This scanner can do everything a factory scanner can do and do it quicker. I worked 25 years for Acura using the Honda scanner and this scanner is way simpler to use and can do every function the factory scanner does. 5 stars!

6. Best tool for price/function

This is an exceptional tool when compared to price and function. I’ve used several big name scanners from Snapon and Mac as well as oem such as Witech. This tool has numerous vehicle coverage and functions. You’re able to perform many bidirectional test as well as reset maintenance options. Also, it reads the majority of PIDS on the vehicle. That in itself is worth the price. Overall I’m very pleased and impressed with this product so far. Autel has done an exceptional job.

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