How to register Launch X431 V+ PRO3

Here is the procedure of  Launch X431 V+ register, hope it helps!

Step 1
Please enter X431 Pro3 APP and stay in the main page


Step 2
Please click Login in the upper right corner, click New Registration


There are 4 steps to finish the whole process of New Registration.
1. Create an account
2. Register wallet
3. Activate VCI
4. Finish Registration

Create an account

Create Account by inputting some information, such as username, password, and email address, to compete for the register.



Register wallet

After registration is successful, then you need set the password of Register wallet


Activate VCI

Once Wallet account is successfully created, you need to activate VCI, the serial number and activation code can be found from the paper as shown below.


Click “activate” to activate the connector

Finish Registration!

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