Autel TS601 VS Autel TS501 VS Autel TS401


Autel is the market leading provider of automotive diagnostic tools that empowers the world’s mechanics and experienced amateurs to help them achieve their professional vehicle maintenance and repair goals. And to provide users with unparalleled experience in the automotive diagnosis, we especially develop different products with riches of functions and features to meet customer needs.

Autel TS601, a TPMS tool plus OBDII code reader, is specially designed to work on TPMS and provide users with direct access to the vehicle’s OBD system, thus allowing users to program the sensor (Autel MX-sensor), retrieve/clear TPMS DTCs, read live data and perform special functions, helping technicians to quickly find out faulty TPMS and turn off the warning light.


Professional TPMS Diagnosis and Programming

The easy-to-use Autel TPMS Tool Autel TS601 provides users with unparalleled experience of efficiency and accuracy for complete TPMS diagnosis. Instead of simply checking the sensor data, sensor ID, tire pressure/temperature, battery condition, sensor position and diagnosing the TPMS to read/write sensor ID, read/clear TPMS codes (turn off TPMS warning light), retrieve TPMS ECU information, and perform actuation test, this TPMS tool allows user programming the sensor data to MX-sensor and replacing faulty sensor that is with low battery life or is not functioning.

Fast Access to Accurate OBDII Diagnosis

Autel TS601 is the first one to integrate the TPMS tool with OBDII code reader. Except professional diagnosis to the TPMS, you can also perform the exceptional diagnosis to vehicle engine running conditions and the operating status of the exhaust after-treatment, which is called OBDII diagnosis.

With OBDII diagnostic functions, you can quickly check the vehicle self-inspection condition, accurately locate the fault that caused the Check Engine Light, and easily turn off the check engine light after the maintenance and repair.


Easy and Fast MX-Sensor Programming

The TPMS sensor programming can and will only work with the Autel MX-sensor. There are 4 options available for you to complete MX-sensor programming, and they each have their own advantages and characteristics:
Auto Create – applying random ID for the tested vehicle
Manual Create – manually input the random ID or the original sensor ID
Copy by OBD – read sensor ID with Relearn function, and write it to MX-sensor
Copy by Activation – automatically write in the retrieved original sensor data to MX-sensor in the case of original sensor is triggered

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