Tech 2 GM Chinese clone

Has anybody used one of these Chinese knock offs GM Tech 2 Scanner to troubleshoot the BCM on the 1996 OBD2 Vettes?
I am wondering if it can cycle the ABS pump, diagnose air bag module among other things.
The price is reasonable around $350.00 and if it doesn’t last that long at least it’s cheaper than the thousands I would pay for a used Tech 2 original.

Answered by WVZR-1
You need to be concerned that the ‘card’ used is programmable using current Car Diagnostic Tool GM technology. I’d be concerned with the included years with the buy. If there’s ‘no card’ and just the hardware it ain’t worth squat. I’ve never looked at the offers of them so I’ve no idea of what they say is included.

Answered by grandspt
It says it covers most 1991 to 2013 GM cars.
I just bought one off Ebay and I am going to give it a try. I purchased it from a US seller but there are others from China. I contacted the seller and asked if it would cycle the ABS pump on a 1996 Corvette and other body control module diagnostics, he said that it would.
It does come with the 32 Mb flash card for GM. He has Saab and Isuzu cards and they are $60.00 each.

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