Switching the PIWIS Tester onoff

1.Putting the Porsche Piwis Tester II into operation

Switch on the PIWIS Tester using the ? button. After Windows XP starts up, the PIWIS software is started. Now you have to select the Porsche operating number and enter the operating data which release the PIWIS Tester.


These settings are stored permanently.

2.”Switching on the first time” diagnostics
Selecting the dealer

i Select your dealer address. If the dealer address is not present, use a similar address as a template and make chan- ges to it.

Enter a new address or change the existing address and confirm with “OK”.


The user must expressly confirm the specifications displayed. If “OK” the dealer address is saved permanently. If “Cancel” the previous screen is displayed.

The PIWIS Tester is now set to the respective dealer address/ number. The PIWIS tester is shown in the start screen ?PIWIS user interface“ after the device has been switched on.


Start screen “PIWIS user interface”

3.Switching off the PIWIS Tester

There are two ways to switch off the PIWIS Tester:

?? Press the On/Off button.

?In the start screen of the PIWIS user interface, click on “Close“ and then ?Turn off“.

i If the PIWIS Tester can no longer be operated due to a computer error, simultaneously pressing the ? (on/off) button (Figure 3, item 3) and the # (virtual keyboard) button button (Figure 3, item 4) for at least     3 seconds will switch off the PIWIS Tester.

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