How to solve mb sd connect compact C4 star diagnosis locked problem



Mb Star Connect C4¬† with wifi diagnose function. Auto key Programmer SD Connect C4 multiplexers with serial number is 101923 or 101044. some customer feedback, when config Benz SD Connect C4 multiplexers, can’t find the hardware, can’t show the IP and WLanMac.. perhaps, you update the SD Connect firmware by youself, SD Connect multiplexers is locked. Please do not worry, Below OBD2Tuning sharing How to solve MB SD Connect C4 multiplexers diagnose locked problem.
MB star c4 on for Mercedes mb sd connect compact 4 star diagnosis
Here autonumen share some solution and suggestion for locked SD Connect multiplexers for Mercedes Benz.


Reason 1:
If you update the firmware of SD Connect multiplexer by youself, the Benz SD connect multiplexer  will be locked,
Reason 2:
you haven’t config the LAN & Wireless Connection setting of Benz mb star c4 diagnostic tool multiplexer
Reason 3:
you replace the Wireless Card insideBenz mb star c4
you can try press “i” and “v” together during boot you should get PM PIC firmware version or send email ., autonumen will show the solution of locked SD Connect multiplexers for Mercedes Benz.

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