BMW ICOM excellent BMW diagnostic tool

For our love BMW, we usually consider many factors to buy a good Car Diagnostic Tools. Naturally, a comfortable price with a high quality is the first consideration.
But the most important thing is to figure out which BMW diagnostic tool you want.

Here I will give you an idea of how to choose a good diagnostic tool. you must decide to got a OBD tool for one BMW car, or you want something more generic that will do many different size BMW vehicles. Actually, I will choose more generic one. Another consideration is how detailed function do you want. As far as I know, EOBD2.NET has diagnostic tool kits if you are urgent to choose a professional BMW Diagnostic tool . This will save you much money and may allow you to buy “more” OBD scan tool. I have bought a BMW ICOM ISIS ISID ABC.
BMW ICOM BMW ISIS ISID A+B+C from is the new generation professional diagnostic tool for BMW Group. It is totally substitute BMW OPSand BMW GT1.The description is:
ICOM A: Automobiles with OBD capacity (Connect with ISIS/SSS/ISID with LAN or WAN).
ICOM B: For programming with many port (Connect with MOST in vehicle / to ICOM-A with USB system).
ICOM C: Old style 20 pin diagnostic vehicle connector to OBD (in engine compartment).
As my experience, It is worth to getting BMW ICOM ABC. Because it is the owner of more advantages in figuring out and programming BMW cars.
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