Introduction To The Top 5 Best OBD II Scanner Tools


In this day and age, cars, trucks and suv’s, have computers that dictate what goes on. These computers are in charge of determining what function does what, what each component is doing, and just as importantly, when a component has malfunctioned.

Especially with foreign vehicles such as from Germany, one could almost say that there’s sensors for sensors. When these things go bad, vehicle functionality is misbalanced, causing problems that can at times turn fatal for the vehicle.

Not too long ago, OBD2 Scanners were tools that were mostly accessible to shops due to their high cost. But today (in 2017), OBD II scanners are cheaper than ever, can properly communicate with your vehicle, and tell you each function LIVE.

Some of today’s best obd 2 scanners are NOT thousand dollar products, not in the least. You can have a properly working scanner tool which will enable you to dig DEEP into your vehicles brain. You can dig into the computer to see if there’s misfiring due to worn spark plugs, bad sensors, and MUCH more. (there’s also a bluetooth obd2 module, see guide here).

In order to help you figure out which car scanner to get, we’ve put together a chart of 5 best-rated tools.

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